Friends in Need is a way for people affected by depression to meet online and in their local area. It’s free to join and a great way to share support.


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Talking to people who understand how you feel can make a huge difference

Through Friends in Need you can chat online, find others who share your interests and meet up with people near you.

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Depression feeling empty and alone

I've suffered depression one and off for a few years but have noticed in the last 3 month it has got worse I hate myself for what I become all I do is eat because I feel that the only way I can express my feeling but doctor has advised me that my Heath is suffering I can't go long that I'm getting pains under my chest just wish I wasn't a coward and had the bravely to end my life

Started by blantyre123
2 years ago

Make New Friends

I'm lonely and looking for some friends that can relate to what i am going through. We can talk about absolutely anything... our problems, hopes for the future, music, politics, animals, work, family etc. This group is about finding people who are on the same wavelength as you

Started by quel
10 months ago

Always Here For Support

Whenever you need someone to speak to even when its just to say hello or you are at a point where you feel unable to cope. There will always be someone here to help.

Started by lady_shortacus
2 years ago

Finsbury Park/ Crouch End area

For north Londoners who are in the N4/ N8 or N19 areas, and would like company for activities during the week and weekend

Friends in Orpington/Bromley areas

A group for those who feel lonely and who want to form friendships in the Orpington/Bromley area. I'm a 30 something professional female who wants to be more sociable and start enjoying life. I'm hoping to beat my social anxiety and meet others that want to do the same. I would love to start building an online chat group then progress to meeting up for walks, dinner, bowling etc. Look forward to hearing from you all

Started by pinkpanthers
6 days ago
Vernon ClOrpington BR5 3ASUK

Try something new .....

The group is to encourage members to explore what they can do - for example I've recently discovered that I CAN do hand sewing, after decades of thinking it was "too hard" and that "I couldn't focus long enough". We all have (God-given) talents we may not have discovered yet - NOW is the time !

Started by happyfeetinstreatham
4 years ago
London SW16 1LYUK

Lonley...needing to make genuine friends

Finding it hard to communicate,feeling isolated and alone, feeling like you don't really have any friends. Want people to join to be themselves, be able to break down barriers talk freely without judgment or criticism, feel like they not alone and many people are in the same situation in this world

Started by beccap
3 years ago
Archway RdLondon N6UK

Geeky stuff lovers with Depression

This is a group for manga, anime, gaming, film and TV show lovers. This is a place where we can chat about the things we love, talk about our problems and feelings, about what makes us sad or angry. I hope that by finding people to talk to who share common interests we can make good friendships, talk about what we love and make each other smile. Hopefully we can also have meet ups around London, and get to make new friends who have similar interests and problems.


Wanting to make genuine friends

The group is aimed at meeting like-minded people for friendship. I would like to make friends who understand social anxiety and depression. I am a very supportive and kind person and would like to make friends who could support and be there for me too. I'm in my 20's from London. Near Woodford. I would like to meet people near North and East London as well as maybe Essex and Hertfordshire. We could chat online and meet in real life when we feel comfortable.

Started by angel-k
3 years ago
London E18UK

Lonely weekends

A group for anyone else who may feel lonely, especially on the weekends

Started by thelostboy
2 years ago

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Whether you are affected by depression or you’re supporting someone with depression, our community can help you:

  • Maintain recovery
  • Meet new people
  • Challenge yourself
  • Share your experiences
  • Make a difference

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